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Bridging the Digital Divide In Colorado

Fiber optic lines are digital highways that transmit  telecommunications at the speed of light. 


In the past, the planned path of a road or rail line could make or break a town.  Today the highways to the future are made of light.



OPERATION LINK UP is a grassroots coalition of citizens, businesses, civic, educational and government organizations in Western Colorado, working together to improve regional telecommunication infrastructure. 

The primary goal of Operation Linkup is to improve the telecommunications infrastructure of Western Colorado. 

Over the past decade, there’s been very little development of fiber optic infrastructure in Western Colorado.  Today, nearly every one of our communities lack bandwidth and diversity in fiber optic routing, a necessity for attracting hi-tech businesses and industry into the region. The lack of fiber optic infrastructure  affects the availability of bandwidth and reliability of service now and into the future. .

Time and technology are working against us.  Consumer and business demands for bandwidth are accelerating much faster than the ability of the patchwork quilt of regional infrastructure can deliver. 

Our first initiative is the strategic construction of only 37 miles of fiber optic lines from Cascade Creek, through Silverton to Ouray.  This will create a new N/S fiber corridor to directly connect Montrose and Durango.  This line will provide significant benefits in fiber routing, path diversity for nearly all Colorado communities.

Currently, the telecom infrastructure of the region is a patchwork quilt of one major line with many fiber optic spurs,, backed by microwave radio and copper lines in some areas. Overall bandwidth is considerably less west of the divide than what is provided on the Front Range.  That’s an inequity in consumer service level, business potential and economic development we must correct.

The hope of our coalition is to educate community leaders and the public on the importance of developing fiber optic infrastructure for the state and region .  

Operation Linkup holds public events, develops educational campaigns and encourages government—private partnerships to improve regional telecommunications.  Currently our organization is focusing on strategic fiber optic construction on the Western Slope to benefit all communities.

 Your time and attention to this important regional initiative is greatly appreciated!  Thanks for your help and support of OPERATION LINK UP !


SPRING SUMMIT Ridgway April 16th 9AM—4PM


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